Buy EU driving license without test

Buy driving license without test

Looking for the best place to Buy EU driving license without any need to take the theory or practical test, credible and also without having to break your bank numbers due to exorbitant prices charge by some agents, Buy EU driving license without test.
Try Buy a German driving license! Where do you go? What documents do you need to have with you? Read on…

  • Valid travel Passport
  • Your valid driver’s license from your home country
  • 1 photo: soft copy
  • Pick your driving license class (A, A1, B, BE, M, L or T).
  • Proof of payment. Also remember to send a Screenshot of transfer.

If you you can’t properly speak German, even if you have a full waiver of testing but especially if you need to take either the practical road test or the theoretical written test, going through a local agent or driving school that has experience working with foreigners may be the best approach for you.

Even Germans who don’t have a driving license and may be can’t pass the test due to anxiety, busy work schedules and lots of other reasons can also buy German driving license have to do that.

Buy EU driving license without test

After that, you will have to pass the procedure for getting EU driving license both in theoretical and practical parts. After reading this acticle, visit our customer servise, chat with an agent and we will guide you on how you can buy EU driving licence without test.

If you are to become a professional driver, in addition to holding a driving licence you must also obtain a special professional driver qualification.


To get an EU driving licence, you must

  • have been living in any EU country for at least 128 days
  • submit an application for a driving licence
  • satisfy the age requirement
  • choose a driving licence category.
  • pay the required fee

Buy Italian drivers license without test

In order to obtain the Patente B a person must be at least 18 years old and be in suitable physical condition (a medical certificate is required for eyesight, mental health and physical condition).

It costs 680 euros and this price includes theory classes, driving lessons, all requisite taxes and stamps, a medical exam  (basically an eye test with lots of stamps and signatures) and both the theory (permit) and practical (driving) tests.

The school will take care of all the paperwork and bureaucracy.

If you want to live in Italy and drive, you’ll need an Italian driver’s license. If you’re lucky and you already have a drivers license issued by the EU or one of the countries on this list, you can simply convert your license to an Italian one

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